We are Leap

We are the co-founders of Leap.ai. We have been long-time senior Google leaders. With over two decades of first hand experience in hiring, evaluating, and developing talent, we realized that everyone can be a star performer in the right setting and share a common passion to enable every person’s career success and happiness.

In 2016, we took this mission, quit our jobs, and founded Leap.ai. Our talented team is passionate about making a positive difference in the world using both technology as well as empathy. We use combined machine and human intelligence to:

  1. Deeply understand students, professionals, and companies
  2. Provide targeted career advice and connections to maximize growth
  3. Match talented individuals with the best possible opportunities

Will you take the Leap with us?

The founders
Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhou

Our Team
Richard Liu
Co-founder & CEO
Richard takes pride for his well-rounded tech and business experiences. He loves to initiate new products and delight users, and served as a founding member and core leader in multiple Google products. He is passionate about bringing out the best out of people and describes his full-time job today as helping others and getting helped.
Top Skills: Product and business strategy, Building A+ teams, Mentoring
Yunkai Zhou
Co-founder & CTO
Yunkai has worked in a lot of domains in his career, from electrical engineering, to computer networking, payments, machine learning, infrastructure, and UI. Throughout these changes, a couple of things stayed the same: growing himself and helping others grow. At Leap, Yunkai aims to help millions of people around the globe find success and happiness in their careers.
Top Skills: Large system design, Building AI to solve real problems, Coaching
Tony Luckett
Business & Operations
Tony is a long-time "Education Guy", dedicating his life to making others successful - first as a school leader in RMI and most recently as a Business Designer at IDEO.org. His experience forming lasting partnerships allows him to gauge success points across sales, marketing and operations.
Top Skills: Storytelling, Design thinking, Growth hacking, Strategy
Jenkin Xia
Marketing Manager
Jenkin is a journalist-turned marketer with experience in helping companies and startups bootstrap their marketing presence. She is building up her growth hacking muscles and learning leadership skills from the best at Leap.
Top Skills: Public relationships, Communication, Partnership, Event planning, globalization and localization, Project management and execution
Jianliang Zhao
Artistic Engineer
Jianliang is a hardcore full stack engineer, creator and seasoned engineering lead with extensive experiences leading teams in executing various projects from incubation to successful launches. He is a true believer of artistic execution - he strives to incite the creativity of all engineers and product and engineering managers within an organization to plan, design, and execute with simplicity and beauty. He majored in AI in graduate school and employed machine learning technologies successfully in various projects, including the YouTube ContentID.
Top Skills: Full stack engineering, Critical thinking, Quick learner, Technical leadship, Project planning and execution, Problem solving
Zhuqing Cheng
Engingeering & Zen
Zhuqing finds her true passion in computer engineering. She, as a software engineer, has a background in Mass Communications and Applied Statistics. After searching for a lifetime career for a while, she finds coding is a path to Zen realm in which she forgets oneself and the world around her. She is a quick learner and always looking for challenges. She believes the road to become an excellent engineer is through cycles of learning and practicing.
Top Skills: Full stack engineering, Quick learning, Algorithms
Li Zeng
UI/UX Designer
Li is a prolific designer and educator. Prior to joining Leap, Li was a university visual design professor for 5 years. She loves creating simple and elegant digital products that can help people grow. Li is passionate about leveraging design to help build better business and educational experiences that make an impact in the world.
Top Skills: UI/UX, Research, Design thinking, Creating, Reflecting, Communicating
Sarah Morse
Technical Recruiter
Sarah is a career match-maker. After studying psychology in her undergrad, Sarah wanted to continue learning the motivating factors behind a career move. She’s passionate about providing guidance through that process and has experience helping people find new career opportunities at Google and Facebook. Now at Leap, Sarah will continue to help match people with their dream job.
Top Skills: Boolean string searching, Talent acquisition, Interview skills
Vivian Chan
Customer Success Manager
Vivian is passionate about helping others. From her days as a teacher to helping girls across the country learn computer science, she has experience building strong relationships with people from different backgrounds and helping them succeed. Now at Leap, Vivian is excited to drive customer success with partners and users and do that at scale.
Top Skills: Building client relationships, Action-oriented, Project management, Adapting to new challenges
Peter Huang
Engineering & Gaming
Peter loves the challenge of solving difficult problems. He has always enjoyed building things (with code), from games, to poker bots, to scalable products. He is interested in learning more about and applying machine learning.
Top Skills: Backend engineering, Web frontend, Algorithms, Automation/AI
Justin Yip
Engineering & Food
Justin is a serial early engineer. He has extensive experience in software development, analyzing large-scale datasets, and bringing data insights into actionable strategies. He is comfortable with uncertainty and enjoys building things from scratch.
Top Skills: Backend engineering, Optimization, Quick learner