Be a star, at the right place

Leap Kimberlite

Land a dream job and expedite your career in Tech with private coaching from former Google execs


noun /ˈkimbərˌlīt/
"a rare blue-tinged, coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock in the earth’s crust which is best known as a carrier of diamonds to the Earth’s surface. The substance acts as a conduit for bringing a precious gem up to the surface where it can be found."
What We Believe

At Leap, we believe everyone can be a star in the right place - and we can help our users get there. We combine Artificial Intelligence and Google executive expertise to connect our users with opportunities that give them the best chance to shine.

What We Know

Even at elite technology companies such as Google, a star performer can be ten times more effective than the rest of their team. What separates a star from an average performer? There are two secrets: the first of which is highlighted in our blog “How to be a Star Performer in Tech,” and the second is being at the right company at the right time.


Kimberlite is the most premium career service that Leap provides. It is designed to leverage our Google executive experience and extensive network in Tech to help those who want to become a star performer and expedite their career growth. We will assist users in defining their career strategy, provide extensive help in their job search, and offer sustained guidance and mentoring after landing a job.


Strategic Planning
  • Strengths analysis - Identify and highlight your top strengths and skills
  • Career strategy - Develop a short-term and medium-term career strategy
  • Company analysis - Generate a list of target companies that fit you best
  • Execution plan - Put into action a well-designed job search plan
Hands-on Help
  • Resume review and editing
  • Referrals to select target companies
  • Interview preparation and continued refinement
  • Guidance during offer selection
  • Stragey on offer negotiation
  • Preparation for the start of your new job
  • 2 mentoring sessions within the 12 months after you join your new company
  • Long-lasting relationship with a mentor throughout your career


Who Should Apply?

If you answer yes to the following items, you should consider applying!

  • Are you actively looking for a full-time job in Tech, especially with companies in Silicon Valley?
  • Do you have a background in Software Engineering, Data Science, Product Management, UX, or Business (Sales, Marketing, Operations)?
  • Do you care deeply about expediting your career growth and success and are willing to invest towards gaining access to industry experts?

Kimberlite is the most premium career service that Leap provides. Due to bandwidth constraints, only up to 20 members are admitted at any given point in time.

The program is highly selective. Selection is based on the applicant’s desire for long-term career success and how much of a difference we believe we can make in the applicant’s job search and long-term career growth.

Application Process:
  1. Complete your Leap profile.
  2. Click “Apply Now” on this page, and submit applicatin form (free).
  3. Wait for application review and notification.
  4. Pay program fees once admitted.
  5. Program begins!
  • Job search assistance until landing your new job
  • 2 mentorship sessions in 12 months after beginning your new job
  • Option A - Installment Plan: $1,600 enrollment fee due upon acceptance into Kimberlite program, followed by $800 monthly fees until the earlier of: i) reaching 10 installments, or ii) acceptance of a new job offer. An additional $2,000 success fee due upon acceptance of a new job offer.
  • Option B - One-Time Payment: $8,000 upon acceptance into Kimberlite program.


Dr. Richard Liu, Co-founder & CEO,

Dr. Richard Liu is a technology executive, entrepreneur, and investor. He was an Engineering Director at Google before he started his own company earlier this year. During his seven years at Google, he was a key leader in a wide range of product areas from Enterprise Search, Shopping, Offers to Project Fi. Now at, he is building a career development framework to enable people to make the leap towards their dream career.

Dr. Yunkai Zhou, Co-founder & CTO,

Dr. Yunkai Zhou is a technical executive and entrepreneur. He has worked at companies large and small, from technical giants like Microsoft and Google, to late stage startups like Sumo Logic, and to early stage startups like At Google, Dr. Zhou spent nearly 10 years in Search Ads / AdWords, and has led projects across infrastructure, machine learning, and UI. His passion for using technology to solve real business problems led him to co-found, enabling millions of people to pursue their career success and happiness.