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Richard Liu Co-founder & CEO,
Published on Oct 09, 2018
3 Things That Will Speed Up Any Job Search
I am very excited to introduce Leap V2, a Smart Job Board with 100,000 Tech jobs that takes your job search experience to the next level. was founded with the goal of connecting everyone with the right opportunities and enabling their career success and happiness. In our v1 product, we intelligently matched users with roles that fit their passions, strengths, preferences, and work experience. And, we referred them to our partners with our endorsement; 70% of the applications we sent landed interviews.
We were excited to see our users land their dream jobs through Leap. We were particularly delighted to learn how excited they were when getting matched with jobs that were perfectly aligned with what both they (and the companies) were looking for. Despite the success we experienced this past year, we also recognized that our users wanted to see more jobs and the ability to apply on their own. With that in mind, we are adding a Smart Job Board to Leap to meet our users’ needs.

3 things with our Smart Job Board that will speed up your job search:
  • Jobs and Experience built for Tech: With 100,000+ tech jobs are live on, you can search/browse jobs which have been organized and curated specifically for tech professionals:
    • By company stages (tech giants, unicorns, baby unicorns, early stage startups)
    • By function (Software engineering, data science, product management, UX, sales, marketing, operations, etc)
    • By using tech-specific filters to further refine your search (e.g., “full stack + blockchain + startups” or “perception engineer + autonomous driving + unicorn”)
  • AI Matching: Our AI engine, Athena, works through engaging questions to better understand you and your unique profile, and matches you with jobs where a Leap endorsement goes a long way - our partners prioritize Leap-endorsed applications the way they do internal referrals.
  • Talk directly to hiring managers, bypassing the initial screening process. Pitch yourself to managers who are eager to connect with you. Learn about the hiring manager, the team, role and the work. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how the opportunity fits your interests.
As excited as I am about our recent success and product evolution, I could really use your feedback on our latest development. Please reach out to me directly ( with your comments and suggestions. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Searching!

Want to explore 100,000+ jobs in tech and opportunities to connect with hiring managers directly? Check it out, on Leap!

Richard Liu - Co-founder & CEO,
Richard is co-founder and CEO at, a startup on building a career development framework to empower people to leap to their dream career. Before started in 2016, he was an Engineering Director at Google. He was a key leader in a wide range of product areas from Enterprise Search, Shopping, Offers to Project Fi.